Sodarizer Surge

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Can’t get enough of that sparkling sensation?

Turn just about any drink into a refreshing soda with our new and improved Sodarizer Surge! Made for the soda-lovers at heart. Take your drink-mixing skills and creativity to the next level by turning any simple drink into something more! 

Why you’ll love it:

  • Unlimited Options - Whether it's fruits, syrups, or extracts...every drink becomes as exciting as your impeccable taste and imagination!   
  • Safe and Effective - Carefully manufactured to be child-friendly and safe. Our food-grade CO2 tanks include integrated safety mechanisms to ensure 100% safety.
  • Lightweight Design - Pop some mouth-watering soda anytime, anywhere with its ultra-portable build, making it a perfect thirst-quencher on the go! 
  • Easy to Use - Turn any drink into a soda in seconds with its intuitive technology and design!
  • A Kitchen Must-HaveThe perfect gift to add to the kitchen of all your soda-loving friends, families, and loved ones!
  • Lifetime Warranty - We’re so confident in all our products that we offer a lifetime warranty in case anything goes wrong.

So if you’re looking for a quick, easy solution to turn any occasion into an extraordinary celebration, then look no further. Our Sodarizer Surge has got you covered, allowing you to turn your boring and mundane drink into an excitingly refreshing experience!  

Order yours today and prepare to experience a SURGE of emotions!

Kit Includes:

✔ Sodarizer Soda maker unit

✔ Filled CO2 Canister (good for estimated 50L)

✔ 1L PET BPA-Free reusable bottle

✔ Air Injection Cap