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Are your CO2 tanks running low?

After all the holiday celebrations, you’re probably running low on carbonation for your homemade sodas.

It's time to get your Sodarizer ready for the next round of sparkling adventures!

We make it quick and easy to refill your CO2 tanks with a few clicks on our website. 💁��‍♀️


Our CO2 tank exchange program gives you the ultimate fizz-saving solution.

The more tanks you send for refill, the more money you save! And who doesn't love extra fizz for less moolah? 😉

Here’s how it works…

  • For 1 to 3 tank refills: Get FREE one-way shipping!*
  • For 4 or more tank refills: Get FREE round-trip shipping!

*For 1 to 3 tanks, customer will shoulder shipping to our drop-off point.


And that’s not all! For our soda lovers in Metro Manila, we offer same-day shipping when you exchange 2 tanks or more. 🤩

It’s no wonder our customers are thrilled whenever they get their refills from us!


👉🏻Ready to reload your CO2 tanks?



👉🏻Need more CO2 canisters to stay well-stocked? We’ve got you!




Let's keep the bubbles flowing and the sparkling fun going. Your Sodarizer is counting on you!

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