About Sodarizer: Crafting Refreshing Drinks, Nurturing Communities

Our Vision: Sodarizer's vision is to empower individuals to enjoy healthier, more creative, and refreshing drinks while honoring God through stewardship and loving service


Established in 2021, Sodarizer was founded with the belief that people deserve more than the mundane, unhealthy drink options available in their homes. We envision a world where every sip is not only better for you, but the community and environment as well. We aim to empower people to create healthier, more creative, and genuinely more refreshing beverages.

But our vision goes beyond just making drinks and what sets us apart isn’t just our soda makers. Our purpose is rooted in honoring God and expressing His love through our service and unwavering commitment to making our product as simple and easy for everyone to use.

With our free same-day delivery, lifetime warranty, and dedicated customer support center, Sodarizer’s focus is on constantly improving on how we can serve you better.