Collection: Sodarizer Soda Makers: SPARK and SLATE

Upgrade your kitchen with SPARK and SLATE soda makers, turning water into fizzy drinks in seconds!

SPARK: Simple Fizz

With one push, SPARK transforms water into sparkling soda. Easy to use and perfect for bubbly drink lovers.

SLATE: Sleek and Efficient

SLATE offers modern design and excellent performance, producing perfectly carbonated water.

Family Bundles: Savings and Extras

Our Family Bundles with SPARK or SLATE offer:

  1. Savings: Bundles cost less than individual purchases.
  2. Extended Warranty: Extra security and peace of mind.
  3. Accessories: Includes extra canisters and stylish glass carafes.

Transform your drinking experience with SPARK or SLATE at a special price. Enjoy fresh, fizzy beverages at home—fun, economical, and refreshing. Get your soda maker now!