Sodarizer Savings: Cost Breakdown

Sodarizer Savings: Cost Breakdown


Have you ever wondered how much money you spend on soda and other beverages? Do you wish there was a cheaper and healthier alternative?

Introducing the Sodarizer! It's an amazing device that allows you to make your own refreshing carbonated sparkling water at home.

In this blog post, we'll show you just how much you can save with the Sodarizer compared to buying canned soda water. Let's get started!


Comparing Costs

On average, a single can of soda water costs between P25 to P50, depending on the brand. If you buy in bulk, it might go down to around P33.25 per can for the leading brand, Schweppes.

Now, let's calculate the expenses with the Sodarizer. The CO2 refill tank for the Sodarizer costs around P500 to P800 and can carbonate about 55 to 60 liters of water. This means the cost per liter is as low as P9 to P14, which is equivalent to as little as P3 to P5 per 330ml can.

That's a great deal for fresh sparkling soda water!


The Initial Investment

However, let's not forget that there's an initial cost for the Sodarizer, which we need to consider.

The Spark Family bundle is priced at P8,495 and includes a Sodarizer Spark unit, three 1-liter PET bottles, and four beverage-grade CO2 tanks.

The great thing about Sodarizer products is that they come with a lifetime warranty and free round-trip shipping in the entire Philippines (same-day delivery in Metro Manila) for all future refills. So, apart from the CO2, there are no extra costs.

Now, here comes the exciting part: With this bundle, you can make a whopping 220 liters of sparkling water, which is equal to 660 cans of soda! If you were to buy that many cans from the store, it could cost you anywhere from P16,500 to P32,340. That's where the incredible savings kick in!


The Long-Term Benefits

Now, you might be wondering, "Would my family actually drink 660 cans of carbonated water?" Well, let's think about how much an average person drinks in a day, which is usually around 2.7 to 4 liters of drinks. That means they'll be drinking something, whether it's healthy or not.

With the Sodarizer, you can easily provide your family with healthy and refreshing soda water that can replace the other, less healthy drinks they might have had. And the best part is, you don't need to worry about the cost.

When you consider all the benefits of drinking soda water and see that each can or serving only costs P3, it becomes clear that the Sodarizer is a smart investment. Not only does it save you money in the long run, but it also encourages your family to make healthier beverage choices.



To sum up, the Sodarizer can save your family money on drinks. Yes, it might seem costly at first, but the long-term benefits are totally worth it. With just one purchase, you'll save money for life and have a healthier option instead of buying expensive sodas from the store.

If you want to drink healthier and save money, now is the perfect time to get a Sodarizer. Say goodbye to pricey canned sodas and enjoy refreshing, affordable, and healthy soda water for your family.

We hope this explanation has been helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. Cheers to a sparkling future with the Sodarizer!

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