CO2 Quality Matters: Why not all CO2 is safe to consume

CO2 Quality Matters: Why not all CO2 is safe to consume

Have you ever thought about what makes your carbonated soda water so bubbly and refreshing? Well, it's a gas called carbon dioxide, or CO2 for short. It's a clear, odorless gas that's naturally in the air we breathe.

But what most don't know: not all CO2 is the same. There are different types, uses, and qualities of CO2, and not all of it is safe for us to ingest.


Different Types of CO2

Did you know there are various kinds of CO2? CO2 has many uses, like powering machines in factories, helping in medical applications, manufacturing, and even fun activities like fueling paintball guns. However, when it comes to what you're drinking, we suggest using food or beverage-grade CO2.

That's because not all CO2 is safe for us to drink. The CO2 you find easily and at a lower cost is typically used for industrial uses, not for us to consume, especially not on a regular basis.

The issue with industrial-grade CO2 is that it often doesn't go through the strict cleaning and purifying process, as it's primarily not meant to be consumed. 

Moreover, particularly in Metro Manila and the Philippines, some local CO2 suppliers lack proper sanitation measures not only for their CO2 tanks but also within their facilities and among their employees.

This means it can pick up unwanted stuff along the way, which isn't suitable for us and could cause health problems.

The Risks of Low-Quality CO2

Consuming non-food grade CO2 could lead to toxicity, asphyxiation, gastrointestinal and respiratory problems, cardiovascular effects, and central nervous system issues. 

In short, it's essential to ensure the CO2 in your drinks meets beverage-grade standards to safeguard your health and well-being.


Sodarizer's quality pledge

At Sodarizer, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers. We take pride in adhering to strict standards, and our commitment to quality sets us apart. We use only the highest beverage-grade CO2, which exceeds even medical and food-grade standards. This means that the CO2 we use is of the utmost purity and safety, making it suitable for human consumption.

Here's how we make sure the CO2 in your Sodarizer is as good as it gets:

  1. Strict Standards: We created some strict processes for our team when it comes to getting the CO2 for your Sodarizer. This ensures it meets the highest standards for beverages.

  2. Cleaning and Checking: We regularly clean and check our CO2 equipment to make sure it's squeaky clean. We don't want any unwanted stuff in your drink.

  3. Certification: Our CO2 is certified to meet our super high standards. This means you can sip away with confidence, knowing it's not just delicious but also safe and healthy for your body.

Your trust in Sodarizer

The CO2 in your Sodarizer is a crucial component that brings refreshing bubbles to your soda water. However, not all CO2 is safe for human consumption.That's why at Sodarizer, we go above and beyond to ensure that only the highest beverage-grade CO2 is used, surpassing even medical and food-grade standards.

Our unwavering dedication to quality and safety reflects our profound commitment to you, ensuring that your consumption of our homemade soda not only offers refreshment but also guarantees safety and promotes well-being. You can confidently enjoy every sip, knowing that it has been meticulously crafted with your health in mind.

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