NEW Recipe: Yakult Grapefruit Refresher

NEW Recipe: Yakult Grapefruit Refresher


Remember the carefree days of childhood when there was always a pack of Yakult in the refrigerator? Well, it’s still part of my grocery list 🙈

Ah, the memories of eagerly opening that iconic little bottle, savoring every sip, and wishing it would magically refill itself so you could enjoymore than just one!

If I could, I would drink the entire pack IN ONE GO—no questions asked! 😆

Well, I've got a refreshing twist on this childhood favorite– a Yakult Grapefruit Refresher!

It's a blast from the past that's also good for your gut! 🙌 All thanks to the vitamins and antioxidants from grapefruit and the probiotic goodness of Yakult.

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