NEW + SUPER EASY recipe inside

NEW + SUPER EASY recipe inside

This week, we’re not just mixing a drink, we’re having a quick history lesson on our star ingredients: passion fruit and apples 🤩

These fruits have stood the test of time and are beloved fruits across cultures and cuisines— and for good reasons! They’re delicious, incredibly versatile, and packed with nutrients.

So, it’s only fitting that we celebrate these fruity legends by combining them in a fizzy, refreshing drink that’s perfect for any occasion— a SPARKLING PASSION FRUIT WITH APPLES!


⭐️ Passion fruits have been loved for centuries, originating in South America where it was used by indigenous peoples for its sweet, tangy flavor and medicinal properties. Today, it brings its unique zing to drinks around the globe.

⭐️ Apples have been cultivated for thousands of years, from ancient orchards in Kazakhstan to the sprawling apple farms of Europe and North America. Packed with crunch and fiber, they’ve become a staple in everything from cider to pies, and now, our sparkling drink!


“Sodarizer has quickly become our newest family favorite! 🤩 It's given us the freedom to create personalized sodas whenever we want.”
- Jinky A
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