Silent wallet (and health) drainers 😱

Silent wallet (and health) drainers 😱

Now, we've all been there. 

You're strolling down the aisles of your local grocery store, drawn to the vibrant displays of bottled beverages lining the shelves. 

Each bottle promises a combination of flavors, a refreshing escape from the mundane routine of daily life 🥱

Or perhaps you find yourself standing in line at a bustling restaurant, eagerly awaiting that perfectly crafted cup or sparkling juice.

It's undeniable – there's a certain allure to them 🤩 They offer convenience, familiarity, and the promise of a quick pick-me-up amid a busy day. 

But amidst the convenience and comfort, something is lurking beneath the surface –– the impact on your health and hard-earned money! 💸💸


1. Costs pile up

If you're a regular, the seemingly harmless store-bought drinks can quickly add up. With prices ranging from ₱50 to ₱150 or more per bottle, indulging in it daily could cost you a significant chunk– ₱1,500 to ₱4,500 or even more. It's practically the cost of a small utility bill or celebration!


2. Hidden and sugary surprises

But it's not just the financial cost to consider – the hidden cost to your health. Every sip from those bottles may contain hidden sugars, artificial flavors, or preservatives lurking beneath the surface. The more you rely on store-bought options, the more you expose yourself to ingredients you'd rather avoid.


3. Customization at a cost

Many of us love customizing our store-bought drinks, especially the ones that go viral online, like mixing juices or adding cookies or ice cream to sodas and coffee. They typically cost around ₱20 to ₱50 each or more, but the cost can skyrocket, and the added sugars could be impactful if consumed daily.

Now, consider the one-time investment in a Sodarizer, and you'll be looking at significant savings within weeks.

Start with the Sodarizer SPARK kit. It comes with

✅ Sodarizer SPARK unit

✅ 1-liter PET bottle

✅ Filled CO2 tank

✅ FREE same-day delivery in Metro Manila and nationwide shipping

✅ Originally priced at ₱5,995, it’s now 🤩 ₱4,995 🤩 ONLY! 

With a Sodarizer, you can customize your drink to your heart's content. Enjoy a healthier alternative without leaving the comfort of your home – no need to go out, pay delivery fees, or deal with long lines. And it's an investment in your health, savings, and daily convenience.


“Not only does it add a personalized touch to my drinks, but it’s also a money-saving solution. It's truly a refreshing investment for both my palate and my wallet!”

- Tricia Coleen S.

So, want to sip smarter and save more?


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