The type of carbonated water matters!

The type of carbonated water matters!

You know that moment when you sip on a perfectly fizzy drink and your taste buds do a little happy dance? 💃🏻

Yep, that's the magic of carbonated water! 

But here's the thing: 

Not all carbonated water is alike!

Bubble size and stamina vary with each fizzy water 🫧

And each one brings something different when added to other elements in a drink.

Some can add sweet, salty, or bitter flavors, so it’s crucial to know which type is perfect for your drink. 

Let’s break down the different types of carbonated water and why they matter for your drinks.

1. Soda Water: The All-Purpose Fizz

The catch-all term for carbonated water.

Best for: Making everything from cocktails to plain water exciting!


2. Seltzer: The Classic Carbonate

Seltzer is artificially carbonated water with no added minerals. It’s what mixologists used back in the day. Nowadays, we have bottled seltzers and nifty home carbonators like Sodarizer.

Best for: Adding fizz without changing the flavor of your favorite drinks.


3. Club Soda: The Salty Sidekick

Club soda is like seltzer’s saltier cousin. It has added sodium or potassium salts, giving it a slight edge that can balance out the acidity in your drink. Perfect for enhancing the flavors in a drink, rather than bringing in more flavors

Best for: Boosting flavors in everything from cocktails to sparkling fruit drinks


4. Mineral Water: Nature’s Bubbly

Mineral water comes from natural springs and is often naturally carbonated. It has minerals that can boost other flavors to your drink.

Best for: Making your fancy drinks even fancier!


5. Tonic Water: The Bitter Buddy

Tonic water is sweetened and infused with quinine, giving it a distinct bitterness. It’s a key player in drinks like gin and tonics, but it's not interchangeable with seltzer or club soda since it adds perceptible bitterness and sweetness.

Best for: Adding a unique flavor twist to your drinks. 


So, next time you’re mixing up a drink, remember: the type of carbonated water you use matters! It can turn your drink from blah to brilliant. 

Now, get out there and experiment! And hey, try out our delicious recipes to find the perfect fizz for your taste buds.



“It makes soooo much sparkling water, I definitely save on this one instead of buying lots of soda cans.”

- Veronica Charneil B.

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