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The EASIEST way to get your family to drink HEALTHIER!

Now your family can enjoy months of healthy and refreshing soda water!  (without any hassle or expensive costs)

How soda water can benefit your family:

  • Healthy alternative to sugary sodas  
  • Helps the family (especially kids) drink more water
  • It can be mixed to make unlimited unique and refreshingly healthy drinks
  • And endless more benefits

But you're busy and buying soda water is inconvenient and costly! 

(All those empty bottles and cans aren't the best for the environment either)

Introducing the Spark Family Bundle!

The Spark Family Bundle includes everything your family needs to immediately start enjoying all the fresh soda water they can drink.

On top of that, you'll also qualify for our VIP refilling service which includes:

  • Discounted refills at P500 each! (reg price P800)
  • Free Round-Trip nationwide delivery!
  • Priority same day delivery in Metro Manila!
Spark: Family Bundle - Sodarizer
Spark: Family Bundle - Sodarizer
Spark: Family Bundle - Sodarizer
Spark: Family Bundle - Sodarizer

Spark: Family Bundle


Introducing the Sodarizer Spark Family Bundle - the BEST VALUE and perfect addition to any soda loving household! 

This bundle includes a soda maker kit, 4 CO2 tanks, and 3 1-liter PET bottles for endless sparkling water. With a lifetime warranty, free round trip shipping, and discounted refills of P500 each, this bundle is not only convenient but also cost-effective. Save P3,385 with this bundle, and enjoy sparkling water for months with your family.

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