TEA LOVER'S RECIPE: Earl Grey Mint Fizz

TEA LOVER'S RECIPE: Earl Grey Mint Fizz


Earl Grey Mint Fizz

You know that feeling when you sip on your favorite tea and everything just feels right in the world? 😌 Yeah, we're totally on the same page!

I'll have my tea hot or cold, on its own or with a snack.

Bread? Yes.

           Cake? For sure.

                    Macaroons? Absolutely.

But hey, why stick to the basics when you can 😉 fizz 😉 and 😉 sparkle 😉 things up a bit?

If you're like me and believe that tea goes with literally everything, then you're in for a treat– an Earl Grey Mint Fizz!

This recipe takes your tea to the next level with some FIZZ.

🌿 Plus, Earl Grey tea is packed with antioxidants that help fight off those pesky free radicals, keeping your body feeling healthy and happy 💪🏻

💧 While sparkling water helps you stay hydrated and refreshed.


“So happy that I now have an alternative to unhealthy sodas.”

- Jacqueline H.

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